Green Roof Diagnostics

Green roof research

Green Roof Diagnostics is an independent green roof research institute with a globally unique hydrologic testing laboratory for vegetated and non-vegetated systems.

Green Roof Diagnostics is led by Brad Garner (CEO) and has a renowned academic board supporting the research.

Katja Herbst Engineering

Civil engineering & project planning

Katja Herbst Engineering is a German engineering company and has been a close collaborator for several large-scale warehouse projects in Germany. Katja Herbst is a DGNB Consultant with high integrity.



Browatech is a German company and a forerunner in the field of sustainable engineering. Their tech detention drainage has been thoroughly researched by Green Roof Diagnostics and has proven to provide strong enough turbulence within the thin layer to ensure a significant detention capacity in green roof systems.

Urban Meadow


Urban Meadows have high biodiversity and support the natural water cycle much more efficiently than manicured and over-fertilized and often irrigated lawns, due to improved root system depth and variability. Urban meadows are sustainable, beautiful, and a low maintenance solution for resilient future cities.